Our Flat-Fee Program collects 36% of All Debt Collection Accounts...for $13.99/account



“Pan Am Collections worked magic on some stubborn accounts I accumulated over the last year.  They were able to collect on a surprising percentage of old invoices I had just given up on.”

-David A.

Ottawa, IL

Awesome company to help us...soooo much for helping us...

         -Bor Ecir

           Chicago, IL


At  What Point do you Say "Enough is Enough" and Stop Paying Collection Agencies Upward of 30% to Collect Money You have Already Earned?



Or have you given up and  resigned  yourself to helpless and decided that 30% fee is the best your are going to get?



On Accounts of 50 or more, we guarantee your investment...you can't lose money.  Period


In this video, you’ll find out how to reinvent your company’s Collectables...and save thousands of dollars!  That's money in your pocket...

Our 3-stage collection process makes sure that you unpaid bills are paid.  It's unique to our firm and gets you your  money in a timely fashion,  Try it...we are proud of it's effectiveness.

Our experts present useful state-of-the-art collection techniques, useful case studies, and an analysis of current approaches to debt collection.